Preview: Mes amis espagnols


Born in Bienne in the 1980s, the „Spanish friends“ of director Adrien Bordone moved back to Galicia (Spain), their parents‘ homeland, as teenagers. A less-themed migration phenomenon, this return to unfamiliar territory does not get by without troubles. Through their stories, a tender portrait of these men emerges, driven by affection and friendship, as well as a reflection on contemporary exile.

More infos: Visions du Réel.



  • Genre: Cinema documentary (79')
  • Director: Adrien Bordone
  • Editing: Amalia Becciolini
  • Producer: Gregor Frei
  • Music: Jawhar Basti
  • Color grading: Christoph Walther, Trinipix
  • Sound mix: Jakob Stoller
  • Distribution: Outside the Box (Cinema release TBA in autumn 2024)
  • World premiere: Visions du Réel, Nyon